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 LoCo TC-mailen: intressant om LCoC 
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Blev medlem: 06 aug 2007, 19:04
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Inlägg LoCo TC-mailen: intressant om LCoC
Lite ovänligt nog oöversatt. Om nån stöter på patrull i tydandet av nåt vänligen PM:a.

Hey LoCo Contacts,
> At our last Council meeting[0] we had discussed having contacts sign
> the LCoC, or Leadership Code of Conduct[1].

> ?* One who oversees material, or resources
> If there is a member who holds all the materials ( posters, signs, CDs
> ), they have a duty and obligation to the team to not just disappear.
> Local Communities are ( more often then not ) run and funded
> exclusively from the members, and a blow such as this would be a large
> financial burden on the team.

> [1]:

> Feedback, as always, is welcome.

David Rubins svar ( han är min kollega i Sydafrika)

"One who oversees material, or resources" this IMHO isn't a leadership
position and shouldn't be held responsible. In ZA I am the loco
contact, I in no way am in charge or the head hoohoo or what ever you
wish to defined leadership by. I am simply the guy that subscribes to
many lists and gets spamed with information and helps to push the rest
of his community into being more active and keep them informed.

When we opened up nominations we mentioned that a willing leader is
someone that would have to follow the LCoC. We didn't expect people to
sign any thing it was a simple matter of mutual agreement as to what
needed to be done. If we require leadership to start signing stuff
there goes the whole idea behind a community built on trust and
freedom(not literally but at heart)

While I agree it is great to have some nice means like the CoC and I
kinda like the ceremonial process of signing the CoC(learning to use
gpg and launchpad) I see no point in requesting loco
leaders+tom+dick+harry to sign yet another document (the LCoC) as they
start becoming more active in the loco. It reminds me of Dilbert and
the giant big corporations and makes it yet another barrier to entry
to Ubuntu.

We already have enough issues with market share, gaming, proprietary
drivers+hardware making it hard for new users to become active Ubuntu
members we do not need bureaucracy helping it.

I am pretty sure that gpg signed LCoC isn't legally binding and in all
cases the loco-council supersedes loco contacts/leaders which in turn
is superseded by community-council....

I hope to never seen it officially required to sign the LCoC even
though I agree with every single line of it, I do not agree with the
processes which we trying to enforce them as Paul mentioned where do
you draw the line of leadership, next thing we know we are going to
enforce signing the LCoC when you install Ubuntu onto a laptop because
you are officially becoming a promoter of Ubuntu.

"If there is a member who holds all the materials ( posters, signs,
CDs)" what happens if I only hold 50% of the posts?

David Rubin

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26 apr 2010, 16:23
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Blev medlem: 01 okt 2007, 17:23
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Inlägg Re: LoCo TC-mailen: intressant om LCoC
Jag har ju signerat CoC men hur signerar man LCoC? Trodde bara LCoC var ett förstärkt CoC, visste inte ens man kunde signera det separat... Jag signerar det om så önskas, jag ser inget fel i det - sen kan man säkert diskutera om det är rätt med 'tvång' - men är man inte villig att signa CoC/LCoC så kan iaf jag börja fundera på, 'varför inte'?

>>> Dags att få ordning på bygget!? <<<

26 apr 2010, 17:00
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