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Författare:  Rune.K [ 14 sep 2009, 17:07 ]
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Intressant läsning >

nedanstående citat från > http://www.trustdefender.com/blog/2009/ ... than-ever/
MBR Rootkit, A New Breed of Malware
However now since March 26, 2009 we are seeing a completely new variant with major “improvements” or “enhancements” and a clear focus on being undetected. It defeats all detection tools and methods in place today - (e.g. GMER has provided a technical analysis with a detection/removal tool here. However it is useless with this new variant). Your current Antivirus Solutions are almost all ineffective as Christian Donner wrote in his blog how he got infected even though he runs an on-access scanner with full scans from 3 different well known AV vendors. His special Linux boot CD with Kaspersky, Avira Antivir and Bitdefender didn’t detect anything! (http://cdonner.com/mebroot-root-kit-infection.htm)

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